Military Storage Lakeland FL

Lakeland Self Storage offers military personnel secure storage access. Our facility which is located close to the US Army Reserve and the US Army National Guard makes it easy for officers to stash their items near their base. We are focused on helping military guys get the best storage service with several sized units available for all your items no matter the size.

Managing your belongings as a military agent can be tasking due to frequent and inconsistent travels and deployment, this is why Lakeland Self Storage tries to establish a permanent ‘base’ for your personal belongings, so you can have the rest of mind you seek while on your mission.

Our reservation process is straightforward as you can either choose to rent your preferred unit online or decide to contact our service agent to discuss your needs. For your convenience, there’s Auto-Pay system to charge and maintain your account without having to contact us.

Want in on the best military storage in Lakeland, FL? Get in touch with us today.

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